Ondrejnica, Folklore Group Stará Ves nad Ondrejnicí - Czech republic, had been founded in the year 1977. The original children's folklore group of the local elementary school and then has been grown up to form with more than 100 ensemble's members with his own cymbalon music, dancing and singing group and two children's groups and soloist.

The group had never any occasions to continue some old traditions created by his precursor. He is forcing to find and revive nearly forgot songs, dances, customs and habits in his region, situated in the south-west of Ostrava. He struggles for to put an individual complexion of the folklore of the Lassko, which couldn't go to leave the original idea of folk creators. The fine lyrics and simplicity is the most forceful part of the dance, singing and music components of the performances.

The participants of his own concerts, festivals called "Staroveske zamecke leto",

ethnographic celebrations and exhibitions of the festival called "Janackovo hudebni Lassko" in Hukvaldy and other cultural performances in the all republic did can see and hear the songs and dances of Lašsko. The numerous songs presented by the ensemble's singers and music are sounding on the wavelengths the Czech radio. The Czech television had shot the programme about Ondrejnica, called "Vonička z domova". The most remarkable success was the appreciation of his programme called "Moje Lassko", composed from the songs and dances of the Ondrejnice's river basin, by also Leos Janacek had been inspired to confess him native region.

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